About Gorilla

The rise of big data provides companies access to unparalleled insights, predictions and analytics, and enables them to create a clear competitive advantage in an ever commoditizing world.

Today, however, many large enterprises struggle with the growing complexity arising from this explosion of data points, which introduces challenges such as proper data governance, data integration within the existing business processes and the adoption of the right future-proof technology.

These challenges are the biggest in our first focus industry: utility retail. Liberalized markets, increasing regulation, a shift towards renewables and the rise of digital metering are putting an exponential pressure on a supplier’s data processing needs. The result is a growing need for more data granularity in pricing, quoting and forecasting and the increasing need for real-time pricing that cannot be solved by their current ERP or CRM systems.

Meet Gorilla: uniquely positioned to provide an industry-grade cloud solution to the problems large enterprises face with data-intensive computing beyond the legacy systems. Gorilla leverages existing CRM and ERP systems by integrating advanced big data processing in the current process, bringing a competitive headstart to utility retailers in the big data space.

Gorilla provides large enterprises with a solution to better organize, optimize and control their advanced data processing, and is built on the foundations of state-of-the-art data engineering technology to enhance performance. It is offered as a hosted multi-tenant, cloud-native SaaS solution that can be entirely customized to client-specific integrations and other functional requirements.

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